Pizza Event – FAQ – Common questions we get asked all the time

“How many pizza do you cook ?”

We have developed a professional cooking system that allows us to serve your guests quickly. We cook non stop for the time we are at your Event. Our staff are offering food to your guests continually, until they are full.

“Are you Italian ?”

Yes, we are an Italian family with over 40 years in the pizza industry.

Nonno was amongst the first pizzerias in Sydney, and we have been making pizzas all over Sydney ever since.

Our pizzas are still made using Nonno’s secret dough recipe, handed down from the home of pizza…Naples.

“Are your pizzas good ?”

We have won over 9 pizza awards. Each time we are competing against the best in the state, often as many as 150 pizza chefs.

“How long have you been doing Mobile Pizza Catering ?”

We invented Mobile Pizza Catering in 2004. We had spent the previous 30 years perfecting the art of pizza in many pizzerias all over Sydney, and thought it was time to try something different, thats how the mobile pizza idea was born.

“Are you wood fired ?”

Woodfired ovens are often used because they are inexpensive to buy. The problem with wood fired ovens is that they are slow to cook and therefore are slow to serve your guests.

The other major problem is that they are large and extremely heavy so generally they can’t be moved into the middle of the party or up stairs or used inside halls or venues. Generally they are used from trailers that need to be setup in your driveway or on the street.

We have developed at great expense a professional mobile way to cook pizzas. We pride ourselves for being able to setup anywhere, and serve your guests quickly.

Did you know we can cook over 500 serves an hour, therefore your guests not waiting around for food.

The most important development is our unique ability to setup anywhere, this allows us to build a Live pizzeria in the middle of your party or event, including up stairs or down narrow passageways to your back yard.

We can cook inside, in office buildings as we don’t trigger the sprinkler system, even inside your house or hall.

Thats why Pizza Event is truly the only Mobile Pizza Catering service.

“What do you provide ?”

We provide all the plates, napkins, trays and we include the staff to serve to your guests and a pizza chef.

“Are you able to setup around the back of my house ?”

Yes, we put the WOW into your party by being able to setup in the heart of your party.

“Can you setup in a hall ?”

Yes, we can setup in side a hall, as we don’t generate any smoke, and we love cooking in front of your guests.

“Can you setup in our office building ?”

Yes, as long as your office building has a working lift, we can setup indoors, without triggering your sprinkler systems.

We love cooking LIVE in front of your guests

“Can my guests watch you cook ?”

Yes we prepare and cook everything in front of your guests in our professional mobile pizza kitchen.

We don’t just provide amazing pizzas, by being able to be in the heart of your party or function we also provide colour, movement and the atmosphere of a Live pizzeria.

“Can my guest order what they want ?”

Sure, we prepare and cook everything LIVE.

“Can we try the pizzas before we book you ?”

Yes, we can organise a pizza tasting at our store located in the North Shore of Sydney.