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Choose Pizza Event to Cater at Your Kid’s Pizza Party in Sydney

If you want to make your child’s birthday unforgettable while eliminating the need to prepare food for dozens of guests, you might be interested in hiring our professionals to serve tasty dishes at your kid’s pizza party in Sydney. At Pizza Event, we’re an award-winning mobile service that’s been operating for nearly 15 years, though we’ve been making pizzas using our secret recipe for over three decades.

The benefits of a Pizza Party in Sydney

If you hire us to cater at your children’s birthday party, you won’t have to worry about any of the following issues:

  • Not having enough food for all your guests: If you’re holding a private pizza party in Sydney, you need to know that nobody will have an empty stomach. As part of our package, we’ll cook an unlimited amount of pizzas for your attendees for up to four hours, ensuring nobody goes home hungry.
  • Having to wait hours until your food is ready: Because we’ve heavily invested in our equipment and techniques, we prepare the pizza right in front of you. Even though we work efficiently, you can feel confident that our pizzas are delicious –
  • we’ve won nine awards over the past 15 years thanks to the quality of our food.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Pizza Party Hire in Sydney

At Pizza Event, we can serve food at any special occasion regardless of your location in Sydney.

In addition to children’s parties, we also serve delicious pizzas at schools, stadiums, corporate events and much more.

However, if you live in a different state and require a mobile pizza service, you should avoid making the following mistakes:

  • Hiring a company that isn’t transparent with its pricing: You need to know precisely how much your birthday party catering will cost, making it essential to choose a service that provides everything you need as part of their package. In addition to tasty pizzas, we supply plates, napkins and waiting staff.
  • Selecting a company that can’t live up to its promises: We can handle a large amount of pizzas per hour, meaning you don’t need to worry about anybody missing out no matter how many guests are at your event. Make sure you choose a catering service that can live up to its claims.

Creative Ways to Use Pizza Party Catering in Sydney

Here are two ways in which you can make your pizza party extra special:

  • Consider holding a themed birthday pizza party in Sydney: Over the years, we’ve catered to many unique requirements. Whether you’re throwing a Disney themed party or 90s event, we’ll add colour, atmosphere and excitement to your special day.
  • Choose a venue that won’t fail to impress: We can prepare and cook pizzas almost anywhere, from balconies and rooftops to open fields and sports halls. You don’t need to worry about catering to us because that’s our job – we only need 3m x 3m to set up our stall, and our equipment won’t set off any fire alarms.

Why Choose Pizza Event?

At Pizza Event, we’ve been cooking pizzas using our secret dough recipe for over thirty years.

After serving pizzas in various outlets throughout Sydney, we decided to go mobile so that we could offer our customers something unique.

Thanks to the undeniably delicious taste of our meals, we’ve won numerous awards over the past decade or so, each time competing against up to 150 chefs.

If you don’t settle for anything but the best pizza for your child on their special day, you should learn more about our mobile pizza service.

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