Mobile Pizza Catering in Sydney

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Award-Winning Mobile Pizza Catering in Sydney

Whether you’re throwing a school fundraiser or celebrating a milestone birthday, you won’t regret hiring our professionals for mobile pizza catering in Sydney. We can add a touch of entertainment as well as keep everybody’s belly at your next event regardless of the venue, and we can accommodate any number of guests. Keep reading below to learn about our capabilities and why our services are in such high demand.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Mobile Pizza Catering in Sydney

Here are two ways you can extract the maximum benefit from our already high-value services:

  • Invite as many guests as possible: The more people we serve, the higher-value each pizza will be, and you don’t need to worry about there being too many attendees. We can rustle up over 2,000 pizzas in the space of four hours, and we serve a range of desserts to complement our main courses. We also supply all the napkins and plates as well as provide you with a team of friendly and professional caterers.
  • Choose a venue that will make your event unforgettable: You don’t need to worry about your choice of venue when you choose our mobile pizza service. We require 3m x 3m to set up our marquee, which is perfectly safe to use on balconies and rooftops as well as inside halls and on sports fields. We can serve pizza just about anywhere, so make your special occasion stand out by selecting a fitting venue.

Related Services We Provide to Our Mobile Pizza Party in Sydney

In addition to parties, we can cater to:

  • Corporate events: If you want to add an element of fun to your business gathering, you might want to surprise guests by hiring our award-winning pizza chef and friendly catering professionals. Because we can cook award-winning pizzas efficiently, you won’t have to force anybody to wait for food when their stomachs are churning.
  • School fundraisers: If you’re trying to raise money for your school or a local charity, you can entice people to attend your event on the promise of providing them with the tastiest pizzas in town. We’ve won nine awards since creating our mobile pizza Sydney service, each time having competed with over 150 highly experienced pizza chefs.

What You’ll Gain by Choosing Pizza Event

At Pizza Event, we’ve been making pizzas using a secret recipe that comes from Naples for over thirty years, and we’ve won many awards thanks to the taste and quality of our food. However, that’s not the only reason why we’re the perfect company for your Sydney mobile pizza party:

  • We can cook anywhere: We’ve invested heavily into the development of our mobile pizza oven in Sydney, which is why we can prepare food on rooftops and balconies as well as in sports fields and even halls. You can feel confident that we won’t set off any fire alarms or create any hazards at your event.
  • We guarantee nobody will leave with an empty stomach: We can prepare and cook just about any flavour of pizza you can think of, and we can make gourmet pizzas to suit anybody’s palette.

About Pizza Event

Before we went mobile, we cooked pizzas in various restaurants and outlets throughout Sydney for over three decades. Because so many people love our secret recipe dough and cooking style, we decided to make our service offering unique nearly 15 years ago by catering at events on request. If you’d like to find out more about our capabilities, don’t hesitate to call us.