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A Pizza Food Truck in Sydney – A Great Way to Make Your Guests Happy

Why hire a pizza food truck in Sydney? Because one of life’s greatest joys is a good party. Whether it’s a wedding or engagement, a christening, a milestone birthday or anniversary, launching your new business or putting on a concert, there’s always a reason to celebrate. One of life’s other great joys is pizza. So why not bring the two together to create fun and delicious memories? Look over our packages page to discover lots of ways to celebrate with Pizza Event.

Tips Regarding Pizza Truck Hire in Sydney

When planning a catered event, there are many questions to ask yourself to make sure you get the most from the experience. We have been in the mobile pizza catering business for nearly 15 years, so we can help guide you through the process and ensure you get stellar customer service in addition to extraordinary pizza.

Who pays for the Pizza?

Decide who pays. Depending on your event, either you will pay for the guests or meals, or we can set up and have guests pay us directly in the case of a festival or concert.

When do you need the Pizzas?

Determine your time frame: How quickly do your guests need to be served? We have developed a system for feeding a crowd straight- from-the-oven pizza in a short amount of time.


Pizza can be served at a formal party!

Choose between casual and formal: With our extensive menu and gourmet offerings, we can cater to a variety of functions. One of the great things about pizza is its universal appeal. Because we work from an authentic, old-world recipe and source the freshest ingredients, our pizza is appropriate for any occasion.

The Importance of Pizza Truck Catering in Sydney

Hiring a pizza truck in Sydney to cater your next celebration isn’t just a brilliant idea, it’s also a lot of fun. We can pull up and get straight to work making award-winning pizza wherever you wish. You won’t have to worry about setting up; we’ll just put the truck in park and get your party started. Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

The Benefits of Pizza Catering for your party

Pizza is convenient

When you need to feed a crowd, we can do it quickly, efficiently and with friendly service.

Pizza is versatile

Our pizza truck can set up at virtually any outdoor venue. And speaking of a great vehicle, pizza is also an excellent vehicle for a generous assortment of toppings. The endless options are sure to delight every guest.

Pizza brings happiness

Adding pizza means adding happiness. Pizza is synonymous with celebration and fun. It’s the perfect food to serve at any special event. Regardless of the venue, we provide award-winning pizza and lots of smiles.

Why You Should Choose Pizza Event

We are a second-generation family hailing from Naples, Italy with 40 years of experience making pizza in the Sydney area. We rely on our family recipe to ensure every pizza we turn out is mouth-wateringly fresh and authentic. It’s true our fare is first-rate, but for us, it isn’t just about the food. It’s also about the experience. Every step of the process is a show, and our chefs have the experience and personality to make sure your guests are generously fed and happily entertained. When you’re ready to plan your next event, call us to talk about how we can best serve you.

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